• Are your rising employee healthcare costs eating into your company’s profit?
  • Are you tired of constant rate increases without having the visibility into your actual healthcare costs?
  • Would you be interested in taking control of your benefits program by completing a few simple steps that may lower your healthcare costs and pass the savings along to your business?
  • Are you frustrated by the manual and time-consuming enrollment process your employees have to go through every year to select their benefits?

With National General Benefits Solutions, you can solve all these issues! Our group major medical solution allows you to fund your health benefits program based on your company’s own estimated healthcare costs. If costs are higher than the budget, don’t panic! You’ll be fully protected by our Stop-Loss Protection. If costs are lower than expected, you can apply funds to future claims!!

Our Wellness Program allows you to further take control of your costs. Our Claims Concierge Desk will direct interested employees to nearby, reputable healthcare providers at the lowest cost, and allow them to share in some of the cost savings. We’ll also conduct biometric screenings, and coach employees on appropriate behavior changes that will lead them to a healthier lifestyle—monitoring the impact it has on their biometric test scores.

Our proprietary BenefitElect Enrollment Engine allows employees to easily select the coverage that’s appropriate for them, and they have phone access to benefits experts for consultations.

Our partners Cigna Aetna

Discover The NatGen
Benefits Solution

This unique special aggregate major medical insurance plan offers unprecedented flexibility in plan design and fixed costs.

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Employee Wellness

Our free comprehensive wellness program enhances employees’ health and productivity and can lower healthcare costs.

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Enjoy a
Turnkey Solution

We can serve all your insurance needs via our BenefitElect Enrollment Engine.

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Our team has significant experience and expertise in the small and mid-size employer market, one that’s often overlooked by other health insurers. We believe these companies deserve to have access to the same state-of-the-art products and services their larger counterparts do, and they should be able to enjoy affordable rates and flexibility to choose coverage options that work best for their situation.

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